Identical by Ellen Hopkins, Reviewed by Ashton Sparks

Identical by Ellen Hopkins
Do twins begin in the womb?
Or in a better place?
Kaeleigh and Raeanne are identical down to the dimple. As daughters of a district-court judge father and a politician mother, they are an all-American family – on the surface. Behind the facade each sister has her own dark secret, and that’s where their differences begin.
For Kaeliegh, she’s the misplaced focus of daddy’s love, intended for a mother whose presence on the campaign trail means absence at home. All that Raeanne sees is Daddy playing a game of favorites – and she is losing. If she has to lose, she will do it on her own terms, so she chooses drugs, alcohol, and sex.
Secrets like the ones the twins are harboring are not meant to be kept – from each other or anyone else. Pretty soon it’s obvious that neither sister can handle it alone, and one sister must step up to save the other, but the question is – who?
Do you ever wonder what it is like to have a twin? How about a mother who tries her best to never be home? Or maybe a father who isn’t as great as everyone thinks? This very idea is portrayed in the novel Identical by Ellen Hopkins. Set in a normal town, the novel tells of two twin sisters who have many traumatic experiences who have to stick together. Or do they? I enjoyed most everything about this book but most of all I enjoyed the way each page was organized differently, the unique language and vocabulary, and the plot.
The way each page was organized differently really drew my attention to this book. It made it even more interesting to me. It was like every page I turned it was a new poem. I had never read a book that was organized the way this book was. I loved this and feel that this was probably the main thing that I loved most about this novel.
The unique language and vocabulary is a second element I really enjoyed about this book. The book is all about emotion. The reader really gets a feel of how the characters feel and it really makes a big impact on them. I really love to be able to feel like I am really inside the book and this one definitely gives that effect. It is all just raw emotions of each character and it is very intense throughout the whole novel. For readers who like to feel like part of the book this is definitely one for them.
The plot is the final thing I enjoyed about the novel. The author really did a great job to create an exciting novel for readers. It is definitely hard to put it down. Everyone from the outside looking in has no clue what horrors the two twin sisters, Kaeleigh and Raeanne, have to go home to everyday. Considering their father is a district-court judge and their mother is a politician who is never home no one would think they weren’t the perfect family. But after a traumatizing accident their family has never been the same since. Their mother is gone more and more and their father has so much love to give but he starts to give it in all the wrong ways to Kaeleigh. The way the girls deal with the pain is much different. They may be identical twins but they choose different paths. One chooses to take the road of not letting anyone get close to her and shutting everyone. While the other chooses to take matters into her own hands. She decides if she is going to suffer she will be the cause of it so she chooses a life of drugs, alcohol, and sex.
Altogether the whole novel was wonderful. I look forward to reading more of the authors books. I want to know if all of her novels are as great as this one. While the novel is great is does have a very adult theme so I would recommend it for high school ages and up. Through the use of organizing differently, the unique choice of vocabulary and language, and the exciting plot, Ellen Hopkins did a wonderful job creating the novel Identical.

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  1. Hi Ashton 🙂 I really enjoyed your writing. I felt like I learned so much from this without even reading the book. Your transition were good, your paper went along with your thesis, your ideas are developed really well. I would suggest for you to slowly read your paper out loud and see what you find. That always helps me. I also enjoyed how you ended it with the final sentence. Good job!

    1. Dear Christina,
      Thank you for your advice on reading my paper out loud I think this will help me very much. I will try this on my next paper. Do you have any suggestions on how I can make my paragraphs more detailed? Thank you for your advice. I really appreciate it.

      Sincerely, Ashton

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