The Blind Side By Micheal Lewis Reviewed By Montana Frye

The Blind Side tells the story of Michael Oher, who was discovered as a football prodigy while in high school. At a time when NFL teams learned the importance of a large and strong left tackle to protect the quarterback’s blind side, Michael Oher gathered attention for his size and strength as a Memphis teenager who might be a future NFL left tackle. He was the son of a crack-addicted mother and a murdered father, he was incredibly shy, and his high school grade point average was 0.6. He was basically a homeless black teenager with a bleak future except for his athletic talent. Sean Tuohy is a self-made white millionaire who had a daughter in Oher’s class, and he had helped out impoverished black students in the past. He and his wife took an interest in Oher, providing him food and clothing, and eventually having him move into their home as one of their family.

A family who changed one boys whole life, the Toughy family has saved Michel Oher off the streets and has helped him turn his whole life around. This book is truly amazing I love how its such an amazing true story, how it’s a rags to riches story, and the relationship that builds between him and the family that adopted him.

True stories are always the best stories because they are always usually so inspiring. In this true story Michel Oher was given a second chance at life, he never was a good student had a 0.6 grade average and had a crack addicted mom but when a miracle happens and the Toughy family finds him and takes him into their home he straightens up his way of living and becomes an awesome left tackle. It is a truly amazing story, how you can turn from living on the streets to playing in the big leagues. This is my most favorite true story, because it shows you no matter what you come from you still have a chance to make something of yourself. So never go thinking that you can’t make anything of yourself because this story shows you different. I was really truly inspired by this book because it shows you if you want it bad enough and put as much effort into it you can do anything.  Did Michel have the grades to play sports? No but he fought to bring his grades up so that he could play football, what he was meant to do.

This story will also tell you about the rags and the riches because a boy who only has one pair of clothes who is living on the streets meets a family that are millionaires and they switch his whole life around. You should never give up on people who live in the streets and have no money because you don’t know a back story.  People would make fun of Michel for having no home or not having much clothes. Then the Toughy family millionaires pick him off the streets and give him a second chance at his life and makes sure he plays football what he was meant to do. You would never think a family like that would take a boy like that and give him a home because you never really see that.

When they first took Michel off the streets no one really was very comfortable with Michel, but that really changes and relationships with Michel builds so much. Especially S.J, he is like a little brother to Michel. All of them get so much closer to one another and its truly amazing how they all come together as this perfect family and they have changed a kids life. I think that helps a lot knowing he had nothing and needed a family is what probably built up the relationship so much. I just love how they build up to be this amazing family who gave this boy a life in football by helping him with what he needed.

Overall this book was truly my favorite book ever because of the amazing story it tells you about one boy’s life being turned around by one family. It’s almost hard to believe that this is a true story because it seems so unreal.  I didn’t think it was a real story until I heard about it being a true story. It’s just this boy was given a true second chance at life to make himself a star at football what he was meant to be with his size and talent. Then when he was able to get his grades to where he could play football and he became one the most important part of the game at left tackle, which protects your quarterbacks blind side.


6 responses

  1. I like how you describe the novel as a “rags to riches” story. I also like that you say the piece is “inspiring.” That is a strong word and your review shows that you did connect with the book that much. Maybe think about some of your word choices because they did get a bit repetitive – “amazing” in particular. I love the line you have that states, “…it shows you no matter what you come from you still have a chance to make something of yourself.” The fact that you hit on the working family relationship is a nice point. I also like that you view the situation from the opposite side – looking at the millionaires that didn’t have to take this boy in, but did so anyway. You repeat yourself a bit and may want to consider looking up some different words for those that you use multiple times. Other than that, I think you did a nice job and I can tell that you truly enjoyed this story.

    1. Thank you, i will work using more words like you said, and not repeating myself so much. I will think about that when i do my next essay and try to work on having a bigger source of words. I think my teacher may have said that i should use a bigger vocabulary. so thank you so much for all the good advice.

  2. First of all, let me just state that I loved this book when I read it and by reading your response I can tell you did as well; yet there are a few things that I think you may want to work on. It seems as though you repeat yourself a bit when trying to support claims that you have made earlier in your review. I also believe that it would be helpful to work on your transitions between sentences. I loved your closing argument that you made “Overall this book was truly my favorite book ever because of the amazing story it tells you about one boy’s life being turned around by one family” by stating why you loved the book, it really tied together your whole response and I think that all together you did a very nice job.

    1. Thank you, and i will work on not trying to repeat my self and maybe that will make my essays better. I can see now how you said I was repeating myself and I will do my best to fix that. Thank you so much fir the advice.

  3. Montana,
    I want to start out by saying that I think you did a good job on your book review! You made a lot of strong points and stuck with your thesis statement throughout the review! I have never read the book , but I have seen the movie and I loved it! As much enthusiasm that you show in your writing it makes me want to read the book someday! Some suggestions that I think will help your writing is to maybe consider adding some specific quotes from the book as examples. Quotes can provide great supporting details! I would also watch out for run on sentences and advise you to add some commas in some of your sentences to slow down all of your thoughts. I also noticed that you left out the source of the summary. By working on these few suggestions I think you will see an improvement in your writing! Overall, great job and keep up all your hard work!

  4. Thank you, and i never really thought of using quotes but I will try that on my next review. i will also work on sighting the source of my summary, and I will also work on putting commas in places that they need to go. Thanks for the help and the great advice ill be sure to use it on my next review.

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