The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, Reviewed by Abigail Lee.

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton


Ponyboy can count on his brothers and his friends, but not on much else besides trouble with the Socs, a vicious gang of rich kids who get away with everything, including beating up greasers like Ponyboy. At least he knows what to expect–until the night someone takes things too far.


Do you know how it feels to be orphaned at fourteen? In the book the Outsiders you will read a story about Ponboy, a boy who is an orphan at fourteen. In this teen fiction novel a boy was caught up in some serious trouble. All he had was his friends and brothers. This novel teaches a great lesson. The characteristics  were fabulous! Also, the theme was extraordinary. Overall this book  is a great read.


I thought the novel The Outsiders teach a great lesson for teens of all ages to read about. When reading this phenomenal book you will realized that judging someone just by the way they look is a huge mistake. Ponyboy in a part of a gang called “The Greasers” (guys who look extremely tough with amazing hair.) In reality Ponyboy was just a nerd who was in the gang to look cool and seem great to his brothers. Just at the age of fourteen Ponyboy realized judging people just isn’t the thing to do. Also, in this novel it teaches you to have faith is siblings and friends. Especially, if that’s the only thing you have left. Lastly, you will find in this novel the Greasers have a slight rivalry with the “Socs”. Just like in todays society you will see social classes not getting along in any way. You will have to see Ponyboy fight through life with this rivalry. Overall they were great lessons in the novel.


Who likes to imagine what is happening in their books? I sure do. S.E. Hinton done a great job in portraying the characters and events in her book. It feels like you can just see the grease in the “Greasers” hair. She added fantastic details that makes the novel so lively. In your mind you could just imagine EVERY detail. When Johnny killed one of the Socs it was like you there at the time it happened. In this novel your imagination could run wicked with the details. I felt like when the church started crumbling I should’ve took cover from the falling wood. The details grabbed every little thing that happened and made everything so much better!


The theme was what really made the book. Throwing the idea of that violence, judging, and social class tension was icing on the cake for me. S.E. Hinton didn’t sugar coat anything in her book. Everything fell perfectly in place. The theme showed that there was conflict between the poor and the rich. In todays society the same thing happens every day. I believe the book will always be a perfect choice for a class reading and dicussion because it has topics that will always be an issue in todays society.


I honestly enjoyed this novel. Teens every where could easily relate to everything that was stated in this teen fiction story. Like I said previously, everything fell perfectly into place through this book. I recommend this book is used often for class reads and class discussions. It teaches a great lesson, characteristics, and awesome details. S.E. Hinton done a lovely job!


4 responses

  1. Abigal,
    Overall I believe you did a good job on your review. I could tell that you understood the novel and the major themes throughout! Some of the suggestions that I have that you may chose to use, would be for you to go back and reread your review and pay attention to word tenses. There are several times throughout the review where you are not using the correct tense. For example, your very last sentence, “S.E. Hinton done a lovely job!” “Done” should be changed to “did”. So the sentence would then read, “S.E. Hinton did a lovely job.” Like I said, there are several instances throughout the paper so I would suggest rereading your review and maybe even have one of your peers read it through and point out some of these instances. One other thing that I think would be beneficial is for you to include some quotations from the novel throughout the review. Quotations are a good way to help support your points in your thesis! Overall, you did a fine job, I would just work on those two things to help better your review.

  2. Abigail, great job with your knowledge of the book! Its easy to see that you read this book and really took something away from it. You gave a lot of good insight and information about the book, while also managing to keep the reader in the dark and not giving away too much information. This is good! No one wants to read a review that is a spoiler! Then there’s no reason to read the actual book! Be sure to keep an eye out on your subject verb agreements. It’s a common error and one that I still struggle with sometimes! I would suggest reading over your paper outloud and seeing if anything jumps out at you. Also, try having a friend read over your work prior to turning it in as well. Also, maybe reconsider the organization of future reviews. While all the content was wonderful, it seems as though you returned to a couple ideas. Again, the content was spot on, but the sequencing and order in which you discuss your ideas may have a better flow if reordered. I struggle with this too! Creating an outline of the things I want to discuss and the order in which I want to discuss them usually helps me a lot! Keep up the great work!

  3. Kaitlyn,
    First off, I have realized that subject verb agreements are my downfall in writing and I would like to thank you for pointing that out. Also, I would like to thank you for informing me that adding quotations in my writing would make it more interesting. I ended up using a couple quotations in my voice thread book review and I earned more points on it then I did in my online book reviews. I would enjoy hearing your advice in the future!

  4. Elyse,
    Your advice has really helped me out. Not only in my book reviews but also with my writing in other classes. I struggled majorly with subject verb agreements and you helped me realize this. I would like to thank you for that. Also, thank you for pointing out that I had a great understanding of the novel. I believed that I needed to work on adding less details in my reviews then you stated it was spot on! Thank you! I would love to hear more of what you have to say next time. Your advice is very helpful.

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