Matched By Ally Condie Reviewed By Cassius Dotson

Matched by: Ally Condie

From the book:

Cassia has always trusted the society’s choices. And when her best friend appears on the matching screen, cassia is certain he is the one… until she see’s another face flash for an instant before the screen fades to black. Now she is faced with impossible choices: between Xander and Ky, between the only life she’s known and a path no one dares follow… between perfection and passion.

Who wouldn’t want to be controlled by a society? Right. Come on. You know you want all your decision’s made for you. It makes life easier, or does it. People are controlled like this in Ally Condie’s book Matched, the society will do anything in there power not to be over rulled. In this dystopian society, the novel tells a story of young adults who go on an adventure against the society. While I enjoyed the novel, I mostly enjoyed the themes, setting, and unique characters.

I enjoyed the interesting themes showed in the book, and I think that young adult’s would love this novel. What is it like to live in a society were everything is chosen for you, this is the question betrayed in Matched. In this world every person’s choices are made for them, to ensure everyone’s treated equally. Then you ask yourself, does everyone need to have there decisions made for them?and what does it mean when someone gets tired of there choices being made for them. Certainlly we don’t usually have these concepts in our world, we get to make our own choices. In this book though cassia is faced with her match getting confused between two guys, and the society is telling her who too choose.

This reminds me of princess diaries 2, the princess is being told what her choices are and that she’s stuck between two guys and her authorities want her with one when she wants the other. Like in the princess diaries 2, matched has an exciting twist on whether you should listen to your heart or the choices of others.

The setting was a second element that I enjoyed in this novel. Like any other dystopian novel, the setting is of the future, where everything has changed no one has there own rights. The exciting world of this novel ,is a result of how when some one gets to much power things can get out of hand. While there is not full development of the themes, there are many places where the novel touches on the idea’s of how no one has there speak of mind, and how those of the past knew nothing of there own opinions. One example is how cassia realizes from her grandfather that any thing is possible as lons as you believe anything is achievable. For myself as a reader I enjoyed the many exotic settings.

The third element of the novel that I enjoyed was the unique characters. While this novel is a dystopian it also has some romance mixed in. there is always strong reactions between the characters.  The scenes where Cassia is faced with Xander, and Ky together she can’t choose, she’s in love with them both. The reaction between these three characters, would be enjoyed for readers who like a great adventure, with some romance along the way. Cassia, and her two matches all know that she doesn’t know who to pick, so who will win her heart? We will never know until we read Ally Condies second book Crossed.

Overall I really enjoyed the novel, and will continue reading the series. I would love to find out who she really chooses. I recommend this book to all young adults who love a good adventure. Cassia is definitely going to be taking a big risk on who she should be with and whether she should listen to the society. Through the exotic theme, setting and unique characters Ally Condies book Matched is a winner.



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