The Outsiders by S.E Hinton. Shelbee Balenitne. 5th period.

The Outiders by S. E Hinton. Shelbee Balentine.
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According to ponyboy, there are two kinds of people in the world: greasers and socs. a soc (short for “social”) has money, can get away with just about anything, and has an attitude longer than a limousine. a greaser on the other hand, always lives on the outside and has to watch his back. ponyboy is a greaser, and has always been proud of it, even willing to rumble against a gang of socs for the sake of his fellow greasers– until one terrible night when his friend johnny kills a soc. the murder gets under ponyboy’s skin, causing his bifurcated world starts to crumble and teaching him that pain feels the same weather a soc or a greaser.

The Outsiders by S.E Hinton was a very moving book for me. Over the summer for my summer reading was the third time I had read it. I loved the novel over all. But, my three favorite things were setting, plot, and theme!

The setting in this book I think has a lot to do with the story, a setting can make a book. During the whole book the tone of it is very dull. It makes you feel the mood of sorrow and sadness. I would think the time period was like the1960’s because that’s when gangs and things were very big. The setting throughout the book is obviously in a town that isn’t very put together, and your amount of money determines what you can and can’t do. I think I liked the setting so much because it some what reminded me of my hometown Logan.

Secondly, I loved the plot of this story! There were many conflicts in this story, all starting because of the socs and greasers. Once Johnny killed the soc, things just went down hill for him, Ponyboy, and Dally. Although, Dally isn’t really in the middle of the story, I think he played a very big role. The climax in the story was also many things, I think. But I think when Johnny saved the little kids from the burning church, and died from the burns had to be the biggest climax of the story! That wasn’t at all what I expected, and it made me want to keep reading to the last page!

Lastly, I think the theme of the story could be the overall theme and social groups. The overall theme of this book to me spoke a lot, it taught me that your true friends will be there for you through thick and thin! I also believed it could’ve been social groups because that’s what was the center of the whole book! If it weren’t for the social groups nothing bad in the story, other than the greasers home life would’ve happen. I think it teaches you to never judge or classify people due to the outside because sometimes it can get took a lot farther. This was a wonderful novel, that taught me a lot of this, and that makes a good theme!

The novel The Outsiders spoke to me in many ways, as I think it would many other young adults! S.E Hilton was a very good author because she made many different things all occur in the book that all leaded up to one thing! I recommend this novel to anybody that likes a novel with passion, thrills, and meaning!


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  1. I like how you used the summary at the beginning with the different writing style, and that you connected personally with the book and got not to judge and classify others. I believe that is a good lesson to learn. At the very beginning of your review, the lead could have been more grabbing; maybe ask a question or something of that sort; just to get your reader more pulled in to what you are saying. I like that you compared the setting to your own home town, and it’s nice that you enjoyed the setting, but you never tell the reader precisley what the setting is. In your body paragraphs, you use “I think” a lot, which I do that to maybe try using other types of sentences to help your writing like starting with what you have after the I think. For instance, instead of saying I think the theme of the story could be the overall theme of the social groups, maybe, say something like; The theme of the story is social groups and the problems that they cause. It seems like you really enjoyed this book!

    1. shelbeebalentine | Reply

      Thank you! Although, that isn’t my work we get the summary’s off a website called, so because it is directly copied it is a class requirement to put it into a different font. I agree with you on the lesson learned and the connection. Anybody my age would connect to this book because it all a lesson we haven’t learned yet but can see that we are living. I also agree with you on the fact that I need to be more grabbing I think just from this review to my next one my writing improved a lot when it comes to being more detailed and more grabbing! I am still working very hard on it though. Next, on the setting I think I have a hard time explaining the setting because to me the setting is how the town made me feel as I was reading it. I think it was just something you had to read. The book didn’t give a lot of detail about the setting, you just knew. So, maybe next time I will make sure that I can completely explain the setting before picking it as one of my main body paragraphs. You are not the only one who has pointed out that I use I think to much. I agree with that also, I need advice on how to fix that, please! I use it a lot because for the people who have read the book, they might not agree with me. I use I think a lot to make it an opinion. So, how do I fix that? Thank you for your advice though, I will work.
      sincerely, shelbee!

  2. Hi Shelbee,

    You have a really good attention getter in the beginning of your paper, so great job for on this part. A few things that I noticed about your paper is that it would be wise to label each of the three parts of your body paragraphs either transitional words, (Example: first, next, then, last), which I noticed you did in the last two paragraphs of your body paragraph. This just makes it easier for the instructor to determine whether or not you have satisfied the requirements for the body paragraph. Also, I feel that the second paragraph in your paper should go with your conclusion and you are missing a strong introduction to your paper. Of course you have the attention getter, but what else may be an important point/s in this book? If you are using a quote from the book, remember to put it in quotations. As for other things in your paper, I noticed that you say “I think” a lot in your writing, but try to gear away from that and use other words. Remember to make the whole text the same font and it would be a good idea to elaborate a bit more on a few of your paragraphs.

    Overall, your writing is good, but just make sure to make some changes, so that your writing can become better.

    1. shelbeebalentine | Reply

      Hi Tabatha,
      Thank you, that has been something we’ve worked on in class so it’s good to know that all those bell ringers payed off. I agree with you on labeling the paragraphs, when I was first taught to right an essay we were required to do that. I’m nervous that if I use them for every paragraph though I will use to many of the same transition words. So, that will have to be something I have to work a little bit harder on next time. Also, I will try to use more attention grabbing sentences throughout my whole essay. Is there anything you recommend other than using questions? You aren’t the only one who pointed out me saying I think to much, which is something I think I need help and advice on. Sometimes, I do that because I feel like it’s an opinion. I don’t want to sound like I’m stating a fact and it be wrong. I think I need help on learning how to fix that. On the different fonts, that is a requirement from Mrs. Basiden because we got the summary from, and she didn’t want it to be in the same font because we directly copied it. By elaborate my paragraphs, what do you mean? I’m sorry for not understand. Thank you though, I couldn’t thank you enough for your advice and trying to make me a better writer.
      Sincerely, Shelbee!

  3. Hi Shelbee.
    I personally have not read this book, but the way that you and others have described it, I think I need to. I thought you did a really good job picking out the key parts that you liked about the story. You mentioned that you read the book over the summer; I love reading in the summer time. I think it would help your sentence structure if you would read your review to yourself or someone else out loud. I know when I write something for school, I read it to myself out loud several times so that I can catch any mistakes that I have made. Great job explaining the time period of the book. It is important to add details such as, the important places that important events took place, the time period the book reflects on, and maybe how some of the locations made you feel or if any remind you of somewhere you’ve been. You did a good job pinpointing that Dally played an important role in the book, but you didn’t explain why you thought that. The theme migrated around the social groups and their division; you did an excellent job pointing that out. Books are powerful tools, and as you mentioned they can speak to us. Give me some examples of how this book spoke to you. You are definitely on the right track with your key points, such as the sorrow and sadness you felt when reading the book, the dramatic climax, and the lesson you learned about social classes. Overall, great job, just go back through your writing and read the sentences to yourself or someone else and that will help you find any mistakes that you can easily fix.

    1. shelbeebalentine | Reply

      Hello Amy,
      It shocks me that you have not read this book, it seems so common! I do recommend it though, I’m sure you would love it just as much as I did. You are not the only one who has mentioned reading my essay out loud or getting it read. The other students, Mrs. Basdien, and yourself have pointed out the occasionally I can be a little to wordy and misspell things. I also agree with you on your point about Dally, and maybe that is something you could give me farther advice on. I have trouble explain my feelings of a book in words, and it still making sense and not just dragging on. I don’t even know what you would call that! Thank you very much though, I appreciate your advice and will work very hard on fixing the things you have pointed out.
      Sincerely, Shelbee.

  4. Hi Shelbee,

    I want to start off by saying that I apologize for not clarifying what I meant by elaborating on your paragraphs. When I said elaborate, I meant for you to pay close attention to short sentences that may not need to be there and/or maybe you could expand them or combine them with another sentence. Also, I was not sure as to how many sentences your teacher wanted you all to have per paragraph, so that’s one reason why I said elaborate. In addition to this, just make sure that you say everything that is needed for each paragraph, so that it transitions very smoothly into the next paragraph. As far as more attention grabbing sentences, I would have to say that it depends on the topic. Using questions for attention grabbers isn’t always a bad things, just make sure you use it when it is necessary. Another tip would be that once you write your rough draft, go back and read the whole thing and maybe something will spark your interest of wanting to use specific ideas to lure the reader into your writing.

    Good Luck,

    Tabatha Greer

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