Crossed by Ally Condie


Chasing down an uncertain future, Cassia makes her way to the Outer Provinces in pursuit of Ky–taken by Society to his certain death–only to find that he has escaped into the majestic, but treacherous, canyons.  On this wild frontier are glimmers of a different life . . . and the enthralling promise of rebellion. But even as Cassia sacrifices everything to reunite with Ky, ingenious surproses from Xander may change the game.  On the edge of Society, nothing is as expected, and crosses and double crosses make Cassia’s path more twisted than ever.


Have you ever thought about doing something crazy for the person you love? Do think you would risk your own life to chase after shadows of what could be? Is it worth it to risk everything you know for that person? Well in the book Crossed by Ally Condie Cassia will risk her whole society. This book is about a girl named Cassia who breaks the rules to find the guy she loves named Ky, this is the second book in the Matched trilogy. I loved the wonderful characters, amazing setting, and the well thought out theme.

I loved all the amazing and wonderful characters. I am in awe the way she makes me feel like I know the characters on a whole new level. She gives me so much detail about all the characters. She really goes in depth about them all. When something happens to the characters if it is something along the lines of one of them dying I am all tore apart. I really feel as if I know them personally.

This book took place in the Outer Provididence. The way Ally Condie described it seemed like the Grand Canyons. So it could have taken place in Arizona. She used so much detail, I started to picture it in my head after the first few sentences. The only difference between the Grand Canyons and this setting was it seemed more beautiful.  If it were a real place I would go live there. She doesn’t only use one of the characters point of view, which is one thing I love so much. I get the chance of looking at it from almost all the characters eyes which is amazing!

The theme of this book is amazing. I think it is about a girl doing anything and everything that she possibly can to save the person she loves. Sometimes I will be reading a book and the theme of it will be very confusing and hard for me to comprehend. I never like to throw a good book down, but sometimes I have to cause the author can’t keep on one story line. Ally Condie did an amazing job of staying with them same thing, and keeping it interesting for me as the reader.

This book is fantastic, amazing, and wonderful. I loved everything about it not just the characters, setting, and theme. Those things were my favorite parts about the book though. Ally Condie can write amazingly. She is a great dystopian writer. I am already reading her third and last book reached! So get ready for my book review on it!


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  1. Ali, this is a great start! There are a few areas where I thought you could improve your review:
    -For your quote from another source, remember to put it in quotations and put it in bold or something to make it stand out from the rest of your review.
    -I love your intro, it is very powerful and hooks the reader.
    -In your paragraph about the characters, could you explain further why you like the characters so much? Is there a certain character that you connect with? How does the author make you feel like you know them personally?
    – I like that you talk add how you get to see the beautiful setting through each characters eyes…this may be a good place to add a quote from the book!
    – I don’t really think that your paragraph on the theme of the book stays on track…focus more on the theme of THIS book and how if connects with you or how the author portrays it.

    I can tell that you really enjoyed this book and had a connection with it, just remember to tell your reader how you connected with it and why you enjoyed it so much. (with direct quotes and examples from the text) I look forward to reading your next draft!

    1. Thank you for all the helpful advice, I didn’t think about adding a quote from the book about the setting, but that is a really great idea! There were so many lines in the book about how beautiful it was, it would have been great to use them or at least one of them. The next review I will do I know that I will be adding some quotes in it! I think it will make you along with anyone and everyone else that reads my reviews more interested in the book.

      I also want to thank you for noticing and liking my hook at the beginning of my blog Kristen. Mrs. Baisden has taught her 3rd period class a lot about getting someone’s attention with the beginning sentence. I thought that asking those questions would make someone want to keep reading my review. I asked three questions because I learned that most people like things in threes. It is called the power of three! An I know that if a book, magazine, article, or anything started off good then I would keep reading it. I have picked up a book before and put it down really fast because it didn’t grab my attention at all.

      My next book review will be done as a video. I would love to know if you have ever done a video review? An even if you haven’t if you have any tips or pointers to give me on it so that my review isn’t that bad, because I don’t think that I will do very good being on a camera.

      Thank you, Alison

      1. Ali,
        You are very welcome on the advice, I’m glad you thought it was helpful! I used to be big on hooking the reader in with questions as well…another way to switch things up is starting with something like the following: “Imagine you had to risk your own life to save the life of someone you love.” It gives the same feel!

        As for the video, you’ve asked the right girl. I have quite a bit of background knowledge on video editing and continue to use it today. Some tips I would give: if at all possible, try using iMovie located on any type of Mac computer. It is so simple to use and the quality is great. If not, I would suggest Google-ing and Youtube-ing how to do certain things on Movie Maker (which is what most computers have). Try and add some humor into your video review if at all possible and enunciate (sound out words loudly and correctly so people won’t be confused at to what you say). This is a big problem I have came across when creating videos. I suggested adding a bit of humor to make your video more interesting so that it’s not just you sitting in front of a screen talking. Try and use some visual aids (pictures, posters, charts, ect.) and sound effects / music.

        I hope I didn’t overwhelm you, and I’m curious to see your video review! Good luck!

  2. Kristen,
    Thank you so much for the advice on the book talk, i didnt think i did so well on it but that was the first one I did I know it will be better the next time I do it, I will be better prepared for the video. I said um a whole lot i think which isnt very good I know that i didn’t need to say um that much i even thought about it an was thinking I should stop. I didnt have notes for it which i should have we talked about having a good book talk an mine was awful it was just horried!!! Unlucky but lucky that my video didn’t post! It was just so bad. I am not sure why it didn’t post that was the first time i used to app an i know now that it isnt the best app. I will have to play around with it some to get it to work for me. I really hope my next voice thread is better, I think ill dress up an have my note cards with me so that it makes it so much more interesting!

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