Pretty Little Devils by Nancy Holder

Pretty Little Devils by Nancy Holder






Hazel Stone wants nothing more than to be a part of the hottest clique in school, the Pretty Little Devils. When PLD queen bee Sylvia invites Hazel to one of the group’s famous soirees, Hazel is thrilled–but popularity comes with a price.”


     Who doesn’t want to be popular? I mean come on admit it you crave to fit in. It’s human nature to want people to like you. I know I do. In this story Pretty Little Devils by Nancy Holder Hazel Stone feels the same way. She thrives to be in the popular club PLD’s ( Pretty Little Devils). When she finally gets welcomed in to there group she finds out that being popular comes with a price. In the story there are so many things that catch your eye. My most favorite parts are the characters, setting, and theme.



The characters in this book are wonderfully intriguing. They always leave you wanting more. There is a group called Pretty Little Devils who run the halls of Brookhaven High. Pretty Little Devils consisted of Sylvia, Carolyn, Ellen, Megan, and finally Hazel. Hazel use to hang out with Lakshmi. Lakshmi was a very unpopular girl who hung out with very unpopular people. So when Hazel finally got accepted into the PLD’s she moved on to bigger better things. Hazel got the hottest guy in school, Matty Vardeman. Matty was on the football team and was good friends with Josh and Stephan who had a great interest in Sylvia and Ellen. The PLD’s were despised as much as they were loved so of course they have rivals. The head cheerleader Breona Wu and her posy. Sylvia and Breona never got along in this book that’s why I find the characters so intriguing, because even though they don’t get along they are so much alike.


The setting in this book is very interesting. The most popular girls in school are the PLD’s and they rule Brookhaven High. The girls are very crazy but also very tamed. Making sure to always clean up there tracks at any event they held at a babysitting gig or any place they have been that they may not have needed to be. All five girls in the group are very clever and always have each others back. They can tell the tone of one another by only a text. This is very interesting because the setting is spread out so much but the girls seem to always stay together.


Finally the theme of this book is insane. The conflict is so unreal. How someone thought of the plot is beyond me. The problem in this story is that someone throughout the whole book wants to hurt the group. Nobody knows why and knows who. The stalker sends threatening texts to the girls to scare them away from each other. They always stay together though. Until the very end when eventually things get taken to serious and Megan gets killed. That is when finally the girls explode and blame the whole thing on Sylvia. The whole them has a very great ending and is so crazy!


In conclusion I think that this book is very mysterious and full of good things to keep you as a reader on your feet. I would recommend this book to any teen or anyone who likes a mystery book. This is a book that really kept me on edge and I think that anyone will like it. The characters, theme, and settings are all a very big part in this book and it something I definitely don’t regret reading.


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  1. Hi 🙂 I can definitely tell that you read this book and enjoyed it. I like when you said “This is a book that really kept me on edge.” I also enjoy that in your thesis you chose to talk about the characters, setting, and themes. I would suggest to give more details or textual evidence to help make your “argument” or opinion stronger. I would also try to use transitions to make the change between paragraphs smoother. Also, just rereading your paper maybe even out loud will help. This is definitely good. I like your use of more interesting words such as: thrives, interesting, intriguing, and despised. Good job!

    1. Thank you so much! I will for sure take your comments into consideration when I’m writing my next paper!


      1. No problem!

  2. Alyson,

    I just wanted to start off by saying great job! I actually love to watch Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family, so when I read your title I knew I had to read this book review! Your hook was great- it immediately captured my attention because you were addressing the reader with a question. Good job there!

    You seemed to be very knowledgable of the book and managed to tie together your ideas in multiple ways. However, try to use some transition sentences between paragraphs to link these together. For example, you can say, “while I really enjoyed the characters” and lead into the next paragraph. Does this make sense? Also, be sure to check your spelling. In the opening paragraph you used the wrong form of “their”. You could also combine some of your sentences in this paragraph to make it flow more. Also, make sure to italicize the name of the book. However, this is an easy and quick fix! Everyone makes small mistakes and sometimes we don’t realize it when it is our own work.

    Your concluding paragraph was great. I liked that you mentioned who this book would be good for and that you didn’t regret reading it. That’s always a great thing to see!
    I think if you fix your spelling mistakes and reread your paper to see how combining sentences can enhance your writing to the reader, then you will have a fantastic paper. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Celeste,
      Thank you very much for all your feedback! Thank you for pointing out my transition sentences. I really need a lot of work on those and noticed this when I was reading through for the first time in a while. If you have any tips on how I may improve on this skill that would be wonderful! I completely understand what you mean when you say “while I really enjoyed the characters” as a lead to the next paragraph and I will definitely use this in my next essay! Also thank you for the comments about my concluding paragraph! I thought it would be good to recommend the book to a certain group of people. My teacher has also commented on my use of “their” and I will definitely start using it correctly and rereading my papers over again to find any errors I may have made. Thank you so much for your advice it really helped!
      Sincerely, Alyson.

  3. Alyson,
    You’re very welcome for the advice and I’m glad it helped you! When it comes to transition sentences, I tend to look at the last sentence in a paragraph and try to reword it some to make it the opening sentence of the next paragraph. Take a look at your paragraph that talks about the characters and then look at the setting paragraph. You could always say, ” Though the characters do not always get along, they use their popularity to rule Brookhaven High School, which is the setting of this book” or something to that effect. Does that make sense? Another way to do transition sentences is to review your topic and transfer it into the next paragraph. For example, like you mentioned above, “while I really enjoyed the characters” is transitioning from one topic and introducing the next idea. I’m so glad you found my advice helpful and that you’re learning to grow as a writer! Keep up the great work!

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