The Outsiders by S.E Hinton,Reviewed by Tomi Nelson


 Ponyboy can count on his brothers an his friends,but not on much else besides  trouble with  socs, a visious gang  of rich kids who  get away with everything, including beating up greasers like Ponyboy. At least he knows what to expect,until the night some one takes things to far.

 Are you afriad to walk down the own streets of your neighborhood becaue  there are people  out there  that  want to hurt you? Probably not,but  this is basically the problem   that Pony boy  Curtis  faces everyday.  He is a greaser and  the  Socs  are out  to get him and any other greaser they might come upon. This is the idea that put in  the novel The Outsiders by   S.E Hinton, which  tells   the story  of a young  boy who faces many opsticals in life. While I throughly enjoyed  this novel, I mostly enjoyed  the unigue  setting,the heart  warming  theme, and the  amazing  conflict.

I mostly enjoyed  the  unigue  setting  because  of the  time  period.The time  period  is between   1900-70’s and  I  know this  because  how  they dress and the way they wear  their  hair. It  was when the  greasers and socs  were  at conflict with eachother all the time. The  setting also has a big  effect on the story and puts  everything  into place,  for  example  the night when Ponyboy and one  of  his friens  go  to a drive in movie, which is another hint  on the time  period. I’m sure  if  you read  the  book you  will enjoy  the  setting as  much as Idid.

Secondly, I enjoyed the heart warming theme, but just like any  other book, this  book doesn’t just have one. So I’m going to talk about one that really caught my eyes, and that  would be  friendship, which is put with Ponyboy, Johnny Cade and Dallas Winston. These three  boys don’t really know eachother, neither are they the best of  friends but they are put through so much  together, and  not  one time  did they  leave eachothers side. What they probably  didn’t know that’s a true  friends, which Johnny  and Dallas were  already  pretty good friends.That fact doesn’t matter  because all three of them were  there  for  eachother through so much even if  things didn’t  turn out right . I’m sure if you read this book the theme  will touch your heart like it did mine.

Lastley, I enjoyed  the amazing conflict because it kept me on the edge of my seat and  didn’t leave me  hanging hanging  there either. The conflict started with Ponyboy  and Johnny  when a bad  night just gets worst after Bob(one of the Socs)trys to choke Ponyboy. Johnny saves him and gets Bob off of him, but something tragic happens. They go  to  Dallas for help,who gives  them fifty dollars,a change of clothes and a  loaded  gun. They headed to Windrixville by train to  an abandoned  church upon the hill to wait  for Dallas. When Dallas arrived the  three of them stayed with eachother through thick and thin til the end.

Overall  I  throughly loved this  book,and recommend this for  anyone who loves a thriller with a  side of  emotional parts. This loved this book from the first word to the very, and I thought it was just going to leave hanging  there til “BOOM”,then it all just went down hill for. This book is amazing through the use of an unique  setting,a heart warming theme, an  an amazing conflict,S.E Hinton  created an award  winning  book The  Outsiders.







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  1. Tomi! The content of your book review is awesome. It’s clear that you not only read the book, but understood it inside and out and connected with it. Your review shows that you had interaction with the book as you read it, rather than just read the pages because they were assigned. Your enthusiasm about it would definitely catch anyone’s attention, and though I have previously read the book, your review made me want to find time to go back and read it again. You transitioned well from one point to the next and your flow throughout the review was wonderful, very easy to read. Be careful for small grammatical and spelling errors. There seemed to be several throughout the review, which is something of which we are all guilty! I have found that for me, I catch my typos and misspelled words if I read my paper aloud to myself. That’s when they really jump out at me. Also, consider having a friend read over your work to see if they catch any grammatical or spelling errors, or a typo here and there. The content of the review was so wonderful that I would hate for that to be taken away from because of minor errors. Keep up the great work!

    1. Dear Elyse Boles,
      First off, I would like to thank you on your comment because it really opened my eyes on my writing. Other than my grammatical errors I was wondering if there was anything else that would need some work on. Also I’ll start keeping an eye out on my errors and start asking friends to read over it, which is something Mrs. Baisden pointed out to me too.
      Thank you sincerely,
      Tomi Nelson

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