Fire On Ice by Sasha Cohen, Reviewed by Jocelyn Cabauatan

Fire On Ice by Sasha Cohen


Olympic silver medalist Sasha Cohen tells her story — on and off the ice

champion figure skater Sasha Cohen captured the world’s attention with her exquisite spiral and outstanding layback spin at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City. In Torino, she reigned as the most intriguing contender in figure skating at the 2006 Olympic Winter Games and triumphed with the silver medal. For the first time, Sasha tells her amazing story, in her own words, including:

  • Her      discovery of ice skating at age 7 and the coaches who trained her
  • Her      comeback from the injury that almost ended her career
  • The      crushing lows and miracle wins


Who wouldn’t want to live their childhood dream? In the novel Fire On Ice by Sasha Cohen, she demonstrates her love and passion for the wonderful sport of figure skating and her strive to live her childhood dream to be an Olympian. Set in an autobiography for anyone who enjoys reading about athletes that have gone through challenging times in their careers. My favorite parts about this novel was the settings, unique vocabulary, and the experiences Sasha went through.

Each setting of this ambitious novel was different and unique in its own way. For example, at first Sasha Cohen started off in a gym as a gymnast and then went to a sheet of ice and became a figure skater. Sasha also had to move from California to Connecticut and even into New York for training. She also had to compete a lot for figure skating and so she traveled to Russia, France, and all kinds of other exhilarating countries. My favorite settings were when she competed in the 2002 and 2006 Olympics because of how incredibly big the arenas sounded compared to just a normal sports facility.

This novel had some amazing and unique vocabulary as well. For example, a lot of the vocabulary was talking about jumps, spins , and even footwork that were based off what Sasha had to do. A lot of skating vocabulary has very odd names but since I’m a figure skater myself I automatically knew what jumps and spins she was talking about through the novel which was a plus. Even though this novel had some large and unique words inside of it the reading itself was very easy.

Sasha went through some tremendous and heart breaking experiences through this novel. For example two of the most tremendous experiences she went through was competing in the 2002 and 2006 Olympics she described them each as a exhilarating and over whelming experiences. Though Sasha had some amazing experiences competing at the Olympics twice she also had some very terrible ones too at competitions like any other skater. One of the most terrible times she went through as a professional skater was when she had to withdraw from the senior national championships because of a back injury which also almost ended her career. Even though Sasha went through some tough times she still managed to get through everything in her career and still skates in shows to this day.

Overall I thoroughly fell in love with this amazing novel right from the beginning. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about competitive athletes and wants to know more about a competitive athletes’ personal life. Sasha Cohen is most definitely is an amazing role model for anyone. Through the use of different settings, unique vocabulary, and amazing experiences Sasha Cohen has definitely made an amazing novel in her book Fire On Ice. I hope more people will become fond of this novel as well.




3 responses

  1. Heather Kincaid | Reply

    I enjoyed reading your review of “Fire on Ice” by Sasha Cohen. I have not read this particular novel so your review was intriguing. Your writing is very clear and your explanations for favorite sections of the book were well supported.

    Your first sentence was captivating. You played on the desire of everyone to be able to live out their childhood dreams. I had a little difficulty with the second sentence, specifically the second half of it. “and her strive to live her childhood dream to be an Olympian.” I’m don’t think this is the correct use for the word “strive”. You can maybe use it like this to make more sense, “and how she strives to live her childhood dream to be an Olympian.” One other minor mistake in this paragraph is in the last sentence. You use “was” when it should be “were”.

    I love your word usage in the second paragraph. Your imagery is very good and I can see why you love the settings. Very well done.

    The third paragraph explained to me why you love this book so much. I liked how you showed a personal link to the author by stating that you are a figure skater as well. My only suggestions for this paragraph are to add a couple of commas to seperate your sentences a little. The first one is after “myself” in the second sentence and after “it” in the third sentence.

    The fourth paragraph also had just a few spots where your punctuation needs some tweeking. A comma after “For example” in the second sentence is needed and you might also need to break it up like this: “For example, two of the most tremendous experiences she went through was competing in the 2002 and 2006 Olympics. She described them each as exhilarating and over whelming experiences.” Notice I also removed “a” before exhilarating. You also need a comma after “twice” in the next sentence. This paragraph was a great summary of her career, however. You explained well her struggles and sequenced them nicely.

    The last paragraph wraps up nicely your points of interest in this novel. I need to point out a couple errors in grammar and punctuation. In “Sasha Cohen is most definitely is an amazing role model for anyone.” you need to omit “is” after “definitely”. You also need to add a comma after “experiences” in the following sentence.

    I must say this is a very good and well written review with few grammatical and punctuation errors. Your word usage is excellent and you also use a variety of words to express your points. You are a very good writer! I enjoyed reading your review!

    1. jocelyncabauatan | Reply

      Hello, Heather thank you very much for the postive feedback on my book review. I’m very glad you enjoyed reading my book review. I will be sure to try and fix my grammatical mistakes like you suggested. I will also pay more closely attitenion to my punctuation mistakes and try to fix them.
      I’m also , going to try to fix the problem where I use the word “was” instead of “were”. I believe all of these suggestions you made are really going to help me more in my writing. I would like to know how maybe I could make my writing better besides fixing the punctuation and grammatical mistakes? I’m always looking for tips on how to make anything I do better than it already is.
      I loved that you actually liked that I used a personal connection with this novel. I actually liked that you told me the things I did wrong because now I can try to go back and fix my mistakes for future book reviews and papers for my honors english class. Thank you again for the very postive and great feedback. I’m going to be sure to watch more carefully about the way I word things and when I should and shouldn’t use comas.
      Jocelyn Cabauatan

  2. Heather R. Kincaid | Reply

    I apologize, Jocelyn. I’m not sure why my comments have not been posted yet. I will write another one and repost later tonight.

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