The Grimm Legacy By: Polly Shullman Reviewed By: Cassius Dotson

                                      The Grimm Legacy By: Polly Shulman


From the Book:

What if fairy-tale magic really existed? Elizabeth has just started working as a page at the New York Circulating Material Repository, a lending library of objects-contemporary and historical, common and obscure, and secret too- for in the repository’s basement lies the Grimm collection, a room of magical items straight from the Grimm Brothers fairy tales. But the magic mirrors and seven-league boots and other items are starting to disappear, and before she knows it she and her fellow pages- handsome Marc, perfect Anjali, and brooding Aaron-are suddenly cought up in an exciting but dangerous adventure!


Imagine being able to work in a library full of magic. Wouldn’t it be exciting?

Alright now admit it we would love to work with magic. That idea is pursued in Polly Shulman’s novel The Grimm Legacy. The only one of it’s series is full of magical items that would blow your socks off!  There’s a catch though, this isn’t ordinary magic, it’s very dangerous and can tempt the mind into doing things it regularly wouldn’t do. While I enjoyed the entire book, I most enjoyed the theme’s, setting and character’s that it included.


I enjoyed the magical themes presented in the book, and think that if there’s fantasy lover’s out there that they would enjoy this novel. What does it mean when magic is stolen is the main question portrayed in the secret halls of Grimm Legacy. In this library everyone has there own stacks  to work on, but there’s a certain stack that everyone has access too if they have been trusted by the boss. The only way to get this trust is by taking a test. If you pass the test you get a key to this stack, which is always different. This key unlocks the doors to The Grimm Collection. The Grimm Collection holds all of the Grimm Brothers fairy tale magic. This magic can be dangerous, and can be nice, but it’s up to you. Borrow the magic… if you dare!





The setting was a second element that I really enjoyed in this novel. Like most fantasy books, the setting has lots of magic items and mystical creatures. The mystical world of this novel is a result of stolen Grimm Collection items, that are being sold for there magic. In this novel it touches on trust in each other and the importance of cooperation. One example is how Elizabeth, Aaron, Marc, and Anjali the protagonists go on an adventure to get the items back, and learn to cooperation and trust each other. This particular part of the novel could teach us a few things. For me as a reader I enjoyed the magical descriptions of this setting. The Magic Mirror on the Wall will be waiting to cooperate with you!


The third element of this novel that I most enjoyed was  the interactions between the characters. While the primary audience is young adult, the interactions are not dumbed down in anyway. There is positive and negative interactions with the characters. The scenes to were Elizabeth thinks Aaron doesn’t like her but truly does, or were Anjali uses Elizabeth as an excuse to see Marc. There is love in the air between all four characters, but sometimes they don’t show it. The characters then learn that sometimes the truth can hurt. Since the setting is very magical the characters have some magic of there own to share. The only way you can find this out though is if you take the challenge of borrowing the magic!


Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the novel, and would like it if a second comes along. I recommend this book to any fantasy lovers out there.  This novel will keep you on the edge of your magic carpet. It looks like Elizabeth and her fellow pages have some adventures and experiences that our fantasy lovers would enjoy.  Through the strong theme, magical setting, and mystical characters, Polly Shulman’s  novel The Grimm Legacy is a winner!



2 responses

  1. Hi Cassius.
    This was a great review! You really grabbed my attention from the very beginning. Great job reeling someone in on the magical enticement of the book. Your opening paragraph is very well written. I can see how you have enjoyed reading this book just by the way you are writing about it. I think it would help your writing become even better if you read what you have written to yourself or a friend out loud. By reading out loud we can catch simple mistakes that we have made along the way that we don’t normally catch if we are just reading the page in our minds. I love the way you described how the characters can gain access to the books if they pass a test; that was a great detail to add. It might also be helpful to get someone interested in reading this book if you added a quote that describes the test, or the library. You mentioned that you “enjoyed the magical description” of the setting, so roll with what made you happy about reading this book. By adding details it not only shows that the specific things made an impact on your reading, but they can entice someone else to read the book too. Your review overall was very good; you seem to be a strong writer. By just going back through your writing and finding minor mistakes and always thinking about what details you can go back and add to enhance your sentences will make your writing even better. Good job!

    1. Hi Amy,
      Thank you for the advice on letting others read my review’s. I intend to let others read my next review. Mrs.Baisden has commented on two of my other review’s explaining that I should let others read them or read them aloud. Thank you so much!

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