The Perfect Date by R.L Stine , Reviewed by Taylor Page

 The Perfect Death by R.L Stine


After his girlfriend’s gruesome death one year ago, Brady is finally ready to get on with his life. He’s met Rosha and he’s fallen hard.

But he’s also fallen into trouble. Terrible accidents seem to happen whenever Rosha’s around. And a strange figure with a scarred face is following Brady everywhere he goes.

Is Rosha really Brady’s dream girl? Or has she brought his worst nightmare back to life?

Imagine meeting the perfect person after the horrible death of a boyfriend or girlfriend. Things seem great until someone realizes terrible things keep happening when around this “perfect person”. An unknown figure seems to be following and watching every move. Is this a relationship to risk? These are the challenges that Brady faces in the mind blowing horror book The Perfect Date by R.L Stine. This novel tells the story of a boy who thinks he’s met his dream girl but he doesn’t know as much about her as he thinks. Although I loved the whole novel its dreadful relationships, shocking ending, and its compelling plot really caught my attention.

I really enjoyed the series of relationships presented in the book, and think that it would make a interesting discussion. Why every relationship is with Brady going downhill is the major question as portrayed in The Perfect Date. In this novel Brady was in the mix of three different relationships. He is currently dating Allie and also associating with Rosha. Recovering from the horrific death of his last girlfriend Sharon. With that being said, Brady is caught up in lies, cheating and confusion. While this isn’t a particularly new theme LMN present shows with the same concept. Like the LMN episodes The Perfect Date had a twist that I didn’t see coming.

The unique plot was also something that I most enjoyed in this novel. The Perfect Date had many nail biting scenes included in it. Many events made me want to read more and more. Many questions flashed through my mind while reading. Who is this person following Rosha and Brady? Does Brady see Rosha is not who he thinks? The sequences seem to have a paranormal relation. I think this would appeal to readers who enjoy this category.

The third element that kept me reading was the twisted, mouth dropping ending. While trying not to spoil the ending, Brady unravels a secret that he never expected. For me as a reader I enjoyed the hidden foreshadowing that I didn’t catch until the ending. The weird names and scarred face stood as a symbol of his past relationship. The Perfect Date showed active description all throughout it. The book showed an unbelievable climax and then the ending made the book a winner.

Overall I loved the novel, and I will continue to read the series of fear street books. I really want to know what happens after the shocking ending! I recommended this book for teens who want to read a novel that will make the hairs on their neck stand. This book was definitely a “what would you do” situation. Through the use of dreadful relationships, fantastic plot and gut – wrenching ending, R.L Stine has created an outstanding book, The Perfect Date.


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  1. Samantha Blevins | Reply

    This book sounds creepy! It would be interesting to read! I thought that you had a great summary in the beginning, as well as a good opening paragraph with an engaging topic sentence. You used great descriptive words throughout when talking about each of your elements on the specific details of the story. I also liked the elements of the story that you chose to talk about, especially the “shocking ending.” This makes me more intrigued to read this book. Some things to think about: Work on transitions. You want to make connections between paragraphs. Without these connections, your paragraphs come to abrupt stops instead of flowing into the next paragraph. So, think of ways to make simple connections. Also, make sure that you reread your sentences carefully. Some of the word order is a bit confusing, so be sure to make things as clear as possible. I thought that you had some good detail throughout this review, but to make it even better, try adding some specific quotes from the story. Lastly, in order to make your book reviews even better, try adding some analysis. For example, how do the relationships in this book support the plot of the story? Why do you think the author chose the story’s particular ending? I think these things will improve your next review.

    Good job 🙂

    1. Dear Samantha
      thank you for the advice. You noticed my mistakes with connections between paragraphs , confusing word order , and adding an analysis. In my next review I will definitely work on carefully reading over and adding to it. Mrs.Baisden has also pointed out similar problems such as proof reading and transitions. Lately I’ve been having a hard time coming up with details to support my topic . Can you give me advice on how to fix this ?

      Thank you

  2. Samantha Blevins | Reply

    In answer to your question, perhaps you can come up with the details before you come up with the topic. For example, find some details that you like about the book, figure out what topic or topics that these examples may fall under, and then go from there. I hope that makes sense for you.


    1. Thank you I will try that


  3. Taylor,
    This sounds like my kind of book and you’ve done a great job reviewing it. I really liked all of the descriptive words you used throughout the review including dreadful, compelling, and gut-wrenching. These descriptions make me want to read the book. However, I think your review would improve greatly with some more examples and direct quotations from the text. For example, you discuss how much you love the nail biting scenes but you never go into much detail to describe those. I think you could provide some detail here without giving too much of the plot away. Nice job!

    1. Kaitlin ,
      Thank you for giving me tips on how to improve . In my next review I will definitely work on adding details and examples from the text . Lately I’ve been struggling with what details I should use that will best support my topic . Can you give me advice on how to fix this ?


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