Uglies by Scott Westerfield, reviewed by Georgianna Evans

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Uglies by Scott Westerdfield reviewed by Georgianna Evans



  In the book “Uglies ” I really enjoyed the theme of the book. Once I started to read the book I was engulfed by the setting, details, and the conclusion.  I would recommend the book to anyone who likes distopians.  It is an wonderful book.


Ugiles has settings that happen everywhere.  One place was in a field that had been engulfed, by breathtaking flowers. Of course there were the not so pretty places like the smoke, When Tally first saw it she said “I can’t believe this is it it’s so ugly! “Then there’s always the New Pretty Town. Tally snuck over there to find her friend. New Pretty Town reminds me of Ney York without the crowds of people, just parties.


Uglies had great details.  The author put a lot of hooks, and three p thesis in the book  .In one of the chapters of the book “Tally “made a new friend Shay.  The author described how Tally and Shay went hover boarding for the first time together.  The author used great details, and told of how the wind felt on their cheeks. The rush made would make someone fell perfect even if there just an ugly.


I couldn’t put the book down.  Throughout the whole book I was never bored with reading it. The conclusion of the book made me go, “what?”  The end of Uglies was very much a plot twist.  IN the end of Uglies, it’s like what I just read wasn’t enough.  If you read all four books, one would be able able to understand the book better.

I really like to read dystopian novels.  To me a good book needs to have a good setting, details, and a good conclusion.  I would recommend the book to anyone who likes futuristic possibilities and a controlled population of different societies.  The book was absolutely spectacular, I loved it.


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  1. In your paragraph talking about the setting there are a couple things I want you to look at. One maybe you should read through your work to make sure you didn’t miss a period. When quoting passages from the book, which is really great it adds to the paragraph and shows the reader you read the book, but make sure you add page numbers with the quotes. Also, don’t forget to end a quote before starting a new quote. In this paragraph make sure you read over your writing before publishing it. I loved the comparison you made between New Pretty Town and New York: side note look at the spelling of New York. Your paragraph on details was great, however, since you are talking about details I would suggest adding in a quote that includes details from the book. This will really help strengthen your paragraph. I love your paragraph talking about the conclusion of the book. I could really hear your voice and your reaction. However, that is all I hear perhaps you might want to think of adding more detail from the book about the conclusion, especially about the plot twist. Great job on your conclusion you really wrap up your paper nicely. I liked how you gave your recommendation for who should read this book and why you like the book. A couple quick things between your body paragraphs make sure you watch out for transitions I felt like I was jumping from one thing to another without much of a flow. Just try playing around with some transitions into your next topic for your body paragraph.

    1. Hi Courtney, thank you for all of your advice you give me. I will have to work on the flow of the paper I’ve had problems in the past ,but for the future book review I will correct it. Also I will make sure to read over what I’ve written ,and to make sure everything is spelled correctly. Thank you for all of your advice.

      Sincerely, Georgianna Evans

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