Fire on Ice by Sasha Cohen, Reviewed by Ashley Mollett

Fire on Ice by Sasha Cohen


Sasha’s own story — on and off the ice Champion figure skater Sasha Cohen captured the world’s attention with her exquisite spiral and outstanding layback spin at the 2002 Winter Olympics. Today she is the reigning queen of winter’s most competitive sport and the most serious contender for the gold medal in 2006. For the first time, Sasha tells her amazing story, in her own words, including:
Her discovery of ice skating at age 7 and the coaches who trained her. Her comeback from the injury that almost ended her career. The crushing lows and miracle win. This is the official autobiography of the world’s most captivating skater, on and off the ice.

Has anyone ever wondered what it would be to spend the day in the life of a figure skater? In the Autobiography by Sasha Cohen it explains to those who are reading it that it isn’t easy. As I was reading this I found it is hard to manage being a teenager and figure skater. The three things I enjoyed most about the autobiography was the conflicts, the setting, and the characters.

The first thing I enjoyed was the conflicts that Sasha went through to become an Olympic medalist. She talks about all the injuries and travel issues. Sasha had a back injury that keeps reoccurring throughout the book. In the book Sasha had a lot of issues with her living situations, she moved a lot. When she would move she would always have to find a new coach, a new rink, and a new dress designer. Eventually, she would move back to where she started.

The second thing I enjoyed was the setting. I really enjoyed how Sasha would describe the dressing rooms, the ice rinks, and the new houses. She stated that the airport was “covered in Olympic decorations”. Sasha would tell us every place she went with vivid details.

The last thing I enjoyed was the characters. I have heard of these figure skaters but I didn’t realize how long they have been skating. One of the characters I have heard a lot about was Johnny Weir. She talked about other figure skaters, coaches, and her family. Sasha was the main protagonist in the book because this was her autobiography. She didn’t give many names of the judges but she told us who her biggest competitors.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed Fire on Ice by Sasha Cohen. The things I enjoyed about this autobiography was the conflicts, the setting, and the characters. I would recommend this autobiography to anyone who is interested in learning about the Olympic medalist Sasha Cohen. This book was inspiring because when something would happen she would always push past it.


4 responses

  1. Ashley,

    You have an interesting opening sentence, and using a question to begin your introduction typically grabs your reader’s attention. You also have a clear thesis statement that is easy to understand, which is great. I think that some of your paragraphs could have more details and be better developed. There were times when it didn’t seem like you fully explained your ideas or reasoning. For example, I think that you didn’t fully explain why you enjoyed the setting. I noticed that you used a quote from the book to describe the setting, which is great. I just think that adding more details and fully explaining why you enjoy the setting could strengthen your argument and really help your readers understand why the setting was on of your favorite aspects. Even though you used a quote to describe the setting, I don’t think that you cited the source. It’s always important to cite your sources because it helps you avoid unintentionally plagiarizing. You only had a few minor mistakes in your quote, which could be easily corrected.
    An example of a correct cited source could be the following: “covered in Olympic decorations” (page number). There are times when you also include the author or title of the text in the parentheses. You could always check the Purdue Online Writing Lab ( if you don’t understand how to cite something because it is a great and reliable source. Overall, I enjoyed reading your book review, and I look forward to reading more of your work.

    -Chassidy Marcum

    1. Chassidy,
      Thank you for the advice and giving me a link to a website. We are learning how to cite sources in class. Thank you for showing me how to put the page number beside the sentence to cite it. I will cite the quotes that way the next time I write. Are there any more websites I can use if I don’t fully understand?

      Thanks, Ashley

  2. Hi, Mariah

    I am glad to hear that you enjoyed this book. I always love a good story about perseverance and working hard to achieve your dreams. This sounds like a really great read!

    A few suggestions….

    In the opening sentence, I think you meant to write “be like to” instead of “be to,” so I would make that correction. One of my college professors once told our class that he can tell based off of the first couple of lines of your writing whether or not it is going to be a good paper. That said, you always want to check and double check to make sure that your opening is strong and gripping. Also, “Autobiography” in the second line would not be capitalized, so that’s another thing I would correct to strengthen your opening. I thought it was a nice touch to add a direct quote in your 2nd body paragraph. However, I would try to flesh that out a little bit more. Give more details and put some more meat on that paragraph. Work on giving more support to what you are saying to really elevate your ideas throughout your writing.

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Hannah,
      Thank you for the advice on corrections and telling me what college professors expect and judge on. I have been trying to add more quotes and details in my reviews because I lose points on the grading rubric. I have a lot of trouble when knowing whether or not to capitalize some words. Is there any advice you can give me on knowing what to capitalize?

      Thanks, Ashley

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