Written by Khair Khana reviewed by Georgianna Evans

There are many characters in the book.I really like Kamilia she’s my favorite character.All of the characters had a voice, but weren’t as brave as Kamilia. She would get an ideal, and follow through with, or without her sisters help.


The story was in a conversational story telling tone.Throughout the whole book I was interested, I am glad that I choose that autobiography to read.The tone was kept up through the book also.Usually authors changs the tone, but not in this book.There were sad parts in the book like when tbr Taliban finally took over.


The details in the book were vivid.The explained everything very well.When the nine sisters started to make dresses the author explained, exactly what they looked like.Also while reading I sometimes have a hard time invisioning what the author is talking anout.In “The Dressmaker” I could understand everything


I liked the book a lot it was a great book.  Anyone could read it, I liked how the characters, and the tone fit together. The details were great also. The author made a lot of good points through the book.


2 responses

  1. Georgianna,

    So, I liked that you gave your own opinions in your book review I think that really shows what you liked about the book and how you related to reading it.

    Just a couple suggestions for you. One I didn’t see a summary of the book from an outside source. I believe that was something you needed to include. Two you really didn’t give me an idea of what the book was about and there was no thesis statement to help organize your paper.

    You have some really strong topics I would suggest going back through and make sure you have the items required when writing. Adding a thesis statement would really help to tie your paper/book review together.

    Courtney Brown

    1. Hi Courtney Brown, thank you for all of your advice on how to help me organize a better book review. Also thank you for the advice on adding a thesis statement. I will have to work on understanding how to add thesis statements for my next book review.I will also make sure to bold my summary next time.

      Sincerely , Georgianna Evans

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