Witch and Wizard the Gift by James Patterson reviewed by Ali McCoy

Witch and Wizard the Gift By: James Patterson


When they were imprisoned by the new, brutal government, Whit and Whisty were barely able to escape with their lives. Discovering a hidden community of children like themselves–hunted by the state and with varying degrees of special talents–they have taken refuge underground. But the New Order is rapidly pushing in on them from all sides, and the pressure to stop the regime is mounting.

One day, as they rush to save another group of kids who are about to be captured by police, Whit and Whisty discover not only their own faces plastered to buildings on wanted posters, but also their parents’. When the hunting party sent out after the siblings always seems to be one step ahead of them, they begin to fear that it is controlled by a very, very powerful force. They are in much more danger than they feared…


I read the book Witch and Wizard the Gift by James Patterson. The book is a very good read. I as a reader really loved it. We all believed in witches and wizards as little kids and this book really gives us a view on what they might have been like. My very favorite part of this book was its plot, its good descriptions, and the way it ended so that the next book could start.

This books plot was fantastic. I could really tell what it was getting at, there was no cutting around the corners for this book. James Patterson knew what he wanted to write and he wrote it. I didn’t have to try and guess or wonder what he was trying to get at I knew it by the way James Patterson wrote his story. The way he writes made the plot so easy to know what he was getting at.

James Patterson gave me very good detail. Not only about the characters even though the description of the characters was great. He described the places the characters were at very well I thought that I was there with them. James also described the characters feelings very well. I could imagine how the characters felt very well.

The way Patterson ended this book was great. It ended with just enough that makes you want to read the next book. I know it made me wonder what was going to happen next. It made me have that feeling that longing of I need to know what happens next. James Patterson ended this book amazingly.

I would give this book a four star rating. I know that I would tell anyone and everyone to read it. So readers out there that like a little action, a little love, and a lot of heart break you should read this book. It is a great read. I am very glad that my little eyes had a chance to read it.




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