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Written by Khair Khana reviewed by Georgianna Evans

There are many characters in the book.I really like Kamilia she’s my favorite character.All of the characters had a voice, but weren’t as brave as Kamilia. She would get an ideal, and follow through with, or without her sisters help.


The story was in a conversational story telling tone.Throughout the whole book I was interested, I am glad that I choose that autobiography to read.The tone was kept up through the book also.Usually authors changs the tone, but not in this book.There were sad parts in the book like when tbr Taliban finally took over.


The details in the book were vivid.The explained everything very well.When the nine sisters started to make dresses the author explained, exactly what they looked like.Also while reading I sometimes have a hard time invisioning what the author is talking anout.In “The Dressmaker” I could understand everything


I liked the book a lot it was a great book.  Anyone could read it, I liked how the characters, and the tone fit together. The details were great also. The author made a lot of good points through the book.


Uglies by Scott Westerfield, reviewed by Georgianna Evans

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Uglies by Scott Westerdfield reviewed by Georgianna Evans



  In the book “Uglies ” I really enjoyed the theme of the book. Once I started to read the book I was engulfed by the setting, details, and the conclusion.  I would recommend the book to anyone who likes distopians.  It is an wonderful book.


Ugiles has settings that happen everywhere.  One place was in a field that had been engulfed, by breathtaking flowers. Of course there were the not so pretty places like the smoke, When Tally first saw it she said “I can’t believe this is it it’s so ugly! “Then there’s always the New Pretty Town. Tally snuck over there to find her friend. New Pretty Town reminds me of Ney York without the crowds of people, just parties.


Uglies had great details.  The author put a lot of hooks, and three p thesis in the book  .In one of the chapters of the book “Tally “made a new friend Shay.  The author described how Tally and Shay went hover boarding for the first time together.  The author used great details, and told of how the wind felt on their cheeks. The rush made would make someone fell perfect even if there just an ugly.


I couldn’t put the book down.  Throughout the whole book I was never bored with reading it. The conclusion of the book made me go, “what?”  The end of Uglies was very much a plot twist.  IN the end of Uglies, it’s like what I just read wasn’t enough.  If you read all four books, one would be able able to understand the book better.

I really like to read dystopian novels.  To me a good book needs to have a good setting, details, and a good conclusion.  I would recommend the book to anyone who likes futuristic possibilities and a controlled population of different societies.  The book was absolutely spectacular, I loved it.

Prom by Laurie Haulse Anderson, reviewed by Georgianna Evans

Ashley Hannigan doesn’t care about the prom,but she’s the exception.Its pretty much the only good thing that happens in her high school ,and everyone else is excited about it.That is until the faculty advisor is busted for taking the prom money ,and Ashley finds herself roped into putting together prom out of absolutely nothing.But with friends and family helping her out maybe prom won’t totally suck after all.

Sited source.   From the cover of the book.


The book that I’m reviewing is called “Prom”by Laurie Halse Anderson.THe book was a great book, it is just like what teenagers do for fun today.There is a little too much sadness near the end for me. But at the very end the book gets happy again.The book had a great theme,good detailed setting,and a good vocabulary.


The main point to the book “Prom” is a mischievous math teacher stole all the money from prom committee. The prom committee crystal,because prom was canceled  at first.But Ashley Hannigan claims she hates prom ,but she volunteers to help,out on prom committee.Without Ashley prom would not have happened.The theme to the book was don’t trust one person too much.


The authors use of vocabulary was great.the author used great language skills ,the vocabulary was good,a favorite sentence of mine from the book used by Ashley Hannigan.”I hate prom,but I like it listening to all the buzz about prom kills me.The authors wordplay worked out great for her.I really enjoyed the vocabulary and how the author made  the  words make sense in there own ways.


Prom had many different settings.Most of all the actions done in the book took place at the school,Ashley’s home,and at the mall.The time period in the book was just like it happened yesterday.The author did a fantastic job with describing all the places in detail.Ashley says in the book that at her school they have security guards ,metal detectors,and plenty of rules.


In the book ” Prom” a lot happened to make the ending rather sad ,but at the very end everything was straightened out.I liked the book at first it was great  but there was a lot of crying over the prom .The rest of the book it’s theme setting ,and vocabulary were all great.I would recommend this book to someone who likes to read about present day teenage problems.

The Outsiders By S.E. Hington, reviewed by Georgianna Evans

Outsiders is about a fourteen year old boy named Ponyboy. His two brothers
Darrel and Sodapop who look after him.The three brothers are greasers, while
others are socials(socs). The two groups get into fights for no reason.Pony and
his friend Johnny are walking home lat one night when some socs try to drown
Pony,Johnny stabs the soc.Then pony and Johnny run away together.Johnny dies
from being a hero from burns all over his body.

The book is really good to read.It is about two groups of people who are very
different but not too much.I enjoyed reading the ending of the book the most,
the concepts,and lessons were very real.The Outsiders themes,setting,and
vocabulary were great.

The different themes that”The Outsiders” included we’re great.One
part to many of the themesis there are two groups who are always in a
fight.Every since Pony was younger he could remember gangs of socs coming after
the greasers.Ponyboys friend Johnny always get best up by his father ,then
Johnny also is a big target by socs.Pony feels bad for Johnny but he can’t
change anything.

The different settings were at Pony’s house ,some were more local like at the
park,movie theater ,and at an old abandoned church.Most often the fights would
happen for no particular reason.They would happen anywhere they felt like
beating up someone.The times the fights took place were always different like
two am in the morning,and mid afternoon.They would fight it out everywhere they

The one special thing that caught my attention in “The
Outsiders”…Was their unique way there vocabulary was. One example is
Ponyboy called a girl tough because she was pretty. Also the author of the book
used a lot of trick sentences to catch your attention. There were some spelling
errors but I think the author purposely did them to make the word the way the
characters would.

The Outsiders was a great book to read. I would recommend this book to anyone
who likes to read older stories.I liked the book , but to me the book was a
little boring ,because nothing new happened until the end no new action,plot
twist.For me I like to read mysteries where something always happens.The book
had a great setting ,theme,and great vocabulary