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Witch and Wizard the Gift by James Patterson reviewed by Ali McCoy

Witch and Wizard the Gift By: James Patterson

When they were imprisoned by the new, brutal government, Whit and Whisty were barely able to escape with their lives. Discovering a hidden community of children like themselves–hunted by the state and with varying degrees of special talents–they have taken refuge underground. But the New Order is rapidly pushing in on them from all sides, and the pressure to stop the regime is mounting.

One day, as they rush to save another group of kids who are about to be captured by police, Whit and Whisty discover not only their own faces plastered to buildings on wanted posters, but also their parents’. When the hunting party sent out after the siblings always seems to be one step ahead of them, they begin to fear that it is controlled by a very, very powerful force. They are in much more danger than they feared…


I read the book Witch and Wizard the Gift by James Patterson. The book is a very good read. I as a reader really loved it. We all believed in witches and wizards as little kids and this book really gives us a view on what they might have been like. My very favorite part of this book was its plot, its good descriptions, and the way it ended so that the next book could start.

This books plot was fantastic. I could really tell what it was getting at, there was no cutting around the corners for this book. James Patterson knew what he wanted to write and he wrote it. I didn’t have to try and guess or wonder what he was trying to get at I knew it by the way James Patterson wrote his story. The way he writes made the plot so easy to know what he was getting at.

James Patterson gave me very good detail. Not only about the characters even though the description of the characters was great. He described the places the characters were at very well I thought that I was there with them. James also described the characters feelings very well. I could imagine how the characters felt very well.

The way Patterson ended this book was great. It ended with just enough that makes you want to read the next book. I know it made me wonder what was going to happen next. It made me have that feeling that longing of I need to know what happens next. James Patterson ended this book amazingly.

I would give this book a four star rating. I know that I would tell anyone and everyone to read it. So readers out there that like a little action, a little love, and a lot of heart break you should read this book. It is a great read. I am very glad that my little eyes had a chance to read it.




Reached By: Ally Condie

Reached By: Ally Condie

Cassia’s journey began with an error, a momentary glitch in the otherwise perfect facade of the Society. After crossing canyons to break free, she waits, silk and paper smuggled against her skin, ready for the final chapter. The wait is over. One young woman has raged against those who threaten to keep away what matters most—family, love, choice. Her quiet revolution is about to explode into full-scale rebellion. With exquisite prose, the emotionally gripping conclusion to the international–bestselling Matched trilogy returns Cassia, Ky, and Xander to the Society to save the one thing they have been denied for so long, the power to choose.

I read a dystopian book for this review; it was Reached by: Ally Condie. It was a really good book out of the Matched trilogy. The book is chockablock of amazing, unusual, and great surprises. It really kept my attention as a reader. So readers out there beware this book is amazing. I would have to say that my favorite part of this book was its growth in characters, its theme, and I enjoyed how the author chose to write her chapters.

The characters in this book seemed to grow over the time, and seemed to grow over what they have been through together and separately. I felt like I knew each main character personally and I felt sorry, happy, and sad for everything they had to go through. Cassia and Ky finally grew to a point where they didn’t have to hid where they loved each other and didn’t have to worry about who knew. Xander final got over his love for Cassia and found another love. Bram had seen so much and had to do so much to a point where he grows up, he wasn’t the same little kid any more. It is just an amazing book Ally Condie wrote it so well that I could know each and every character very well.

In the book Reached by: Ally Condie it talks about a perfect society falling to its knees. Ally Condie set up the theme in this book really good. It is about how these people finally “Reached” their goals. The ending to this book is exactly what the characters wanted. The characters worked so hard to reach what they wanted. Maybe all they wanted was to chose who they love, to chose how to live, or to chose when they die.


The way Ally Condie wrote this book was amazing. Most books have only one person talking through the whole book, but in this book it was more than one person talking. It would be one chapter for Cassia, next chapter for Xander, then a chapter for Ky. I could get all of their points of view. That right there was amazing to me. I could get to know and understand each character better than before. It was a really smart way to write this book.

The only down fall about this book is that it’s the last one. I wish there was another one. I loved this book along with the first two of the trilogy. It is one of those books that will make anyone want to know more. I would love for there to be another one. I would give this book a five star rating. It is just that great if you are a reader you should read this trilogy.



Crossed by Ally Condie


Chasing down an uncertain future, Cassia makes her way to the Outer Provinces in pursuit of Ky–taken by Society to his certain death–only to find that he has escaped into the majestic, but treacherous, canyons.  On this wild frontier are glimmers of a different life . . . and the enthralling promise of rebellion. But even as Cassia sacrifices everything to reunite with Ky, ingenious surproses from Xander may change the game.  On the edge of Society, nothing is as expected, and crosses and double crosses make Cassia’s path more twisted than ever.


Have you ever thought about doing something crazy for the person you love? Do think you would risk your own life to chase after shadows of what could be? Is it worth it to risk everything you know for that person? Well in the book Crossed by Ally Condie Cassia will risk her whole society. This book is about a girl named Cassia who breaks the rules to find the guy she loves named Ky, this is the second book in the Matched trilogy. I loved the wonderful characters, amazing setting, and the well thought out theme.

I loved all the amazing and wonderful characters. I am in awe the way she makes me feel like I know the characters on a whole new level. She gives me so much detail about all the characters. She really goes in depth about them all. When something happens to the characters if it is something along the lines of one of them dying I am all tore apart. I really feel as if I know them personally.

This book took place in the Outer Provididence. The way Ally Condie described it seemed like the Grand Canyons. So it could have taken place in Arizona. She used so much detail, I started to picture it in my head after the first few sentences. The only difference between the Grand Canyons and this setting was it seemed more beautiful.  If it were a real place I would go live there. She doesn’t only use one of the characters point of view, which is one thing I love so much. I get the chance of looking at it from almost all the characters eyes which is amazing!

The theme of this book is amazing. I think it is about a girl doing anything and everything that she possibly can to save the person she loves. Sometimes I will be reading a book and the theme of it will be very confusing and hard for me to comprehend. I never like to throw a good book down, but sometimes I have to cause the author can’t keep on one story line. Ally Condie did an amazing job of staying with them same thing, and keeping it interesting for me as the reader.

This book is fantastic, amazing, and wonderful. I loved everything about it not just the characters, setting, and theme. Those things were my favorite parts about the book though. Ally Condie can write amazingly. She is a great dystopian writer. I am already reading her third and last book reached! So get ready for my book review on it!

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

           Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson


“Speak up for yourself–we want to know what you have to say.” From the first moment of her freshman year at Merryweather High, Melinda knows this is a big fat lie, part of the nonsense of high school. She is friendless, outcast, because she busted an end-of-summer party by calling the cops, so now nobody will talk to her, let alone listen to her. As time passes, she becomes increasingly isolated and practically stops talking altogether. Only her art class offers any solace, and it is through her work on an art project that she is finally able to face what really happened at that terrible party: she was raped by an upperclassman, a guy who still attends Merryweather and is still a threat to her. Her healing process has just begun when she has another violent encounter with him. But this time Melinda fights back, refuses to be silent, and thereby achieves a measure of vindication. In Laurie Halse Anderson’s powerful novel, an utterly believable heroine with a bitterly ironic voice delivers a blow to the hypocritical world of high school. She speaks for many a disenfranchised teenager while demonstrating the importance of speaking up for oneself.

                              Imagine it is your very first day for your very first year of high school and everyone hates you. Well in the book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson Melinda doesn’t have to. This book is about a girl who is getting bullied by people who don’t know why she really did what she did. I really didn’t enjoy reading this book. I really didn’t like the theme, plot, or the characters.

I really didn’t like the theme not because I couldn’t understand it, but because it made me feel like I did last year. It is about a girl who gets rapped and bullied. I can’t stand for anyone to bully someone. I got bullied a lot last year and this book just made me feel like I was getting bullied again. I don’t understand why people bully in this book

Speak Melinda was having it really hard. They were all destroying her with their words and actions toward her. Over summer she was one of their friends, and in one night that all changed. One little phone call ruined her life. She was scared and didn’t know what else to do someone hurt her, but her friends didn’t know that all they knew was she called the cops. When she couldn’t talk to anyone really she could through her art. I did like that part of the story, but that would probably be it. I really didn’t even care much for the characters. Her best friends dropped her when she made that call. So it really took about one minute. They acted like she was nothing after that like she was a bug you squish on the side walk, which is the same thing that my friends did to me, the only difference is they really had no reason to I didn’t do anything. So I felt some similarities between them and my old friends. While I was reading this book I felt really sad. I mean it all made me feel the same way I did last year if I could have chose to read anything else I would have. I do not dwell on the past I know it didn’t mean anything I have two or three true friends now, but I don’t care much to hang out with that many people I spend most of my time with my boyfriend, but Melinda didn’t have anyone unlike me. She had to go through all of that alone and I would’ve hated that if I didn’t have anyone. If you have ever been bullied really bad like me and Melinda, I would not recommend this book for you.